12/06/14 20:17

Already subjected to the consequences of the European and Greek debt crisis and the resulting austerity measures, privatisation will continue to hit Thessaloniki hard. The people spoke in a referendum voted overwhelmingly against water privatisation. While their struggle against continueues,...

12/06/14 20:14

The referendum for the privatization or not of EYATh (Thessaloniki water and sewerage company) held in Thessaloniki on 18 May 2014, is a golden page in the history of the city.

26/05/14 18:52

A short video interview of Initiative 136 member Kostas Marioglou, filmed by Italian water activist Caterina Amicucci a few days before the successful referendum against water privatization of Thessaloniki.

22/05/14 20:18

Once again, we write you to demand that you withdraw your bid for EYATH, the Thessaloniki Water and Sewage Company. On May 18th, citizens of Thesaloniki have clearly expressed their strong opposition to the privatization of the public water company in a popular consultation. The No to...

20/05/14 15:51

Before the referendum, Thessaloniki’s water movement consisted of a few hundred dedicated activists and a large number of concerned citizens. After the empowering experience of the referendum, I venture to say that this movement can acquire “popular movement” proportions.

17/05/14 15:08

The citizens of Thessaloniki will have the opportunity to participate in a unique experiment in democracy on Sunday, when they will be invited to vote in an unofficial referendum on water privatisation while casting their ballot in the local and regional elections.

15/05/14 14:35

As economic governance gets more and more removed from the interests of the population that it claims to represent, the task now lies with the citizens to claim their basic rights, reinvent democracy and protect the common goods through popular initiatives.The Greek social movements and...

02/04/14 11:37

Regional Association of Municipalities of Central Macedonia Unanimous Decision of the Board on Local Referendum for the Privatization or not of EYATh.